MC Jenni

Name: MC Jenni, mother, trainer, fitness instructor, friend, lover of life, traveler, retired bicycle racer.

MC is the mother of two - Ellie, almost 4 years old, and Ruby who turned 2 years old in late October - and is married to Tom, a fishing guide and outfitter with his own company, Tom Jenni's Reel Montana. MC is also a personal fitness trainer and instructor of cycling and yoga at the Club in Bozeman.

MC Jenni personifies a "Find the Time Hero," because she has found ways to nurture herself and her loved ones and contribute to the well being of others. She recognizes that by making positive choices in her attitude toward the activities in her daily life, she "finds the time" to connect with clients, friends and family in significant ways.

MC is grateful to a friend who pointed out that she was living in a world where she felt overwhelmed and never had enough time to do all the things she felt she "must" or "should" do. "What changed for me was noticing every opportunity possible where I could choose what I wanted in my life," she says. "It's not about changing the events in my life but about realizing that I can choose how to respond to what life brings me." For example, I find more well-being and joy in my life and in others when I respond to those who request something from me by saying, 'Let me think about it and I'll get back to you' (I give a specific time that I'll respond)." Instead of simply saying "yes" or "no" to every request, she reflects and makes decisions with a clear mind. MC says it's the difference between saying "I have to exercise" versus "I want to exercise." She asks: "Might your experience be different depending on the perspective you take?"

MC finds the time to play with her children, sleep in a tent in the backyard, talk to her girls about "the stars." She's raced in two 5-k runs pushing her children in a double stroller,completed three bike races and over the summer. She 's a participant in an 8-week nordic ski training program this Fall while also conducting a lifestyle and weight management program open to the community. "I say 'no' to activities in order to say 'yes' to the ones that work for me and my priorities," she says. "When I pay attention and recognize what energizes and inspires me in life, I feel balanced and peaceful. For example, today I exercised in the morning. Instead of spending the time to take my habitual post-exercise shower, I played with my kids and then we went and visited a friend. It was more important to me to connect with my children and friend than to take a shower today. Tomorrow brings other possibilities."

She loves being a fitness trainer and instructor because she sees people "open themselves to changing their bodies and their lifestyles in order to support health, hope and a positive attitude. In the face of hurricanes, earthquakes, war, poverty and loss, it inspires me to see individuals choosing to improve themselves."

MC participates and promotes physical fitness because physical activity "can bring about a deeper sense of ourselves and our potential to be better human beings. I feel strongly that exercise can bring peace and well-being to individuals which then overflows into our families, communities and society."

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